Sunwings/Tui hybrid B738

Before I start, I did a bit of research before and there is one open from 2018 with no activity since. Back to the topic

Sunwings are a Canadian airline which operates within most of North America and the Carribean. They are mostly known as they have got a 41% stake invested in them by TUI. This is my request for this hybrid as it means we can operate Sunwings flights in the sim.

Tell me how I can improve this thread.

The hybrid looks interesting, but just not right… 🤔

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If you’re speaking of this, not a duplicate. Com-puh-lete-ly different livery.

I kinda like this livery. Always been a sucker for hybrid liveries. Got no votes sadly.

support support support support

also the original livery would be sick too

How about this amazing Sunwing livery.

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Its alright but i hate the old just light blue tui livery

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That’s OK, Do you like the yellow sunwing livery better than the old one

Thats horrible. Nothing else

What about this white livery


Now thats belongs to Sunwings so that is cheating but it looks sick