Sunwing Airlines | Boeing 737-800

Don’t forget the TUI leasing livery!


Both liveries are beautiful, but for this new suggestion would have to create another topic.


I’ve personally flown Sunwing before and they have great service, this would look great with the split scimitar winglets

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Yes! You’ve got my vote 100%. This is one of my favourite airlines. It is also one of my favourite liveries. I would love to see this in the upcoming release with the split scimitars like in the photo below.(C-FTJH)

Credits to Jetphotos:


I’ve flown Sunwing twice and they are a great airline


Bumbing this thread. Hopefully this livery comes with the update, Sunwing is a great airline!


You and me both dude! 😊


I have made a new feature request, since they have since updated their livery. Sunwing 737-800 (New Livery) - #3 by Pajd02

I would love to see this added with the split scimitars. Not the old one without the split scimitars.

Would love to see this. I have travelled with sunwing to Cuba before and the airline is pretty good.

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Ok. I see that

This should have the split scimitars in it

I would love to see this one with the split scimitars. Not the old one without the split scimitars because I like the split scimitars better👍


Bump! (Thinking of this :')

finally someone asked for it. TUI use sunwing aircraft in the seasonal months. Be nice to recreate my EIDW to LEPA flights.

I’m going to bump this topic, because it’s awesome!

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Don’t we have a Sunwing 737-800 now?

Yes… so I don’t think there is a need to bump this lol

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I just wanted to ensure this somehow isn’t a different Sunwing 738 livery.