Sunsets during work (iPhone XR)

Ever wonder how sunsets can make the skies look amazing?
I work at PSM, so during some events, like rain or just a cloudy day, the sun can make things the ground and sky very beautiful.

I love nature, just as much as Airplanes.

Today it rained, so it created a wonderful scenery at the airport with the clouds and the sun. It created a bunch of colors which made it very beautiful.
Couple of coworkers came out to take pictures of this incredible sunset.

The earth is an amazing place when it comes to sunset

These are my pictures. I ask that you do not use them without my permission. Thank you!

The ramp was wet, which made for an incredible reflections

Fuel truck picture

Rear shot

Last shot

Thank you for viewing my pictures :). I hope you enjoyed them


So cool! It looks beautiful

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Wow! 😍 That looks like the dream job!

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That last photo is absolutely stunning!!!

Amazing photos!!

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Loving these shots! These early sunsets really give off a nice essence

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Ahhhh yes… the XR has a beautiful camera. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to use it daily

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Nice Pictures! The sunset is beautiful with the damp ground.

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Picture number 1, 1 O’Clock. Brings back memories.

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Nice pictures…well done.! The sunset is great with the clouds…!

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That fuel truck is as bootiful as that sunset, nice pics!

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Those are amazing shots. I think this is a great example of how these phones, can take very different photos between settings. My friend with an XR was super jelly of the camera on my 11, which is on paper way better, but I haven’t taken any photos like that, the setting is just perfect…

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