Sunsetless day CYVR To OMDB

Welcome to another Flight I completed. Its been a while since I played IF so just did a Flight on my favourite aircraft for now:)
(Still waiting to get the chance to get on the 777x)

{Flight details}
Aircraft: 777-3
Livery: Air Canada
Callsign: N11WW Heavy
Flight time. 13h 57min


^^^We began this sunsetless journey at the gate at CYVR.

^^^Got cleared for take off at RWY 08L

^^^Climbing to FL320.
Bye Vancover. 🇨🇦💕

^^^Alone over the North end of the earth.
Out side temp was -35°C. ( For people who don’t use the metric system -35°C)

^^^First site of the UAE 🇦🇪♥

^^^Approach onto OMDB

^^^ Landing RWY30R

^^^ touch Down

^^^ parked safe and sound at the gate.

That’s all!

Thanks for reading.


I’m still trying to improve my screenshot quality. Does anyone know which app for android?

isn’t that the same thing?

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it would be -31 F


It’s a joke.
Heard it in a Flight review by a youtuber and was stating his height in cm and then after that he said “For u Americans” states his height in cm again. It was a subtle joke because larger population use metric instead of the imperial, so he can’t be bothered to find the conversion.

Try Infinite Flight’s screenshot mode! You can found it when you go to replay mode

Loved it! Dubai is a nice place to fly

Nice Pics, gotta love the mask on the Air Canada

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I did but when I see other post I’m like danng. It would look like it was shot by a camera

i think i saw u on approach at OMDB. Im not sure. My call sign was N456RL.

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Infinite flight’s screenshot in replay is good

I use a combination of Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Express and Creative Cloud. It turns out much better than the original photos. I really suggest using it!

Thanks for that. Will give it a try

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Great pics! I love the fourth one!


Very helpful! 🤣

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it’s him roasting the americans 🤣


Put all graphics in HIGH only to print the screen

Thats funny because I just did that EXACT route earlier today and just landed lol

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Thanks you.

I think that feature is on iPhone though. 🤔

I am not 100% sure, but I would think this might be related to the last setting in General: “Screenshot Resolution Scale”

Hope this helps! Great pictures otherwise though, thanks for sharing!