Sunset through the window after landing

Second attempt at making the wing view even better than it actually is. It’s made with a really basic edit of an actual A320 window, showing that few changes make a big difference. A bit of colour correcting and voilà !

It was just a pattern work to get a replay file to work with.

Rolling down the runway @KSJC as the sun sets

Here are the original pictures :

(window shot)


Looks a little dodgy with the resolution/angle, but still pretty good! Keep at it!

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Yes it is, I’ll try to reproduce my own shots later on, light / angles / localisation will be on point 👌

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Looks very good. Kudos for having the sun reflection on the window. Makes it look really realistic. Awesome job. 👍

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That angle through the window actually looks realistic if you were to sit back from the window with a long lense on a camera.


That’s a really cool edit! Thanks for sharing!

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not bad!

also love how the window reflects the angle of the sunlight correctly

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