Sunset takeoff

Hello, here I am. Once again.
Now to show you shiny sunset takeoff, enjoy

EHAM 🇳🇱 - SBGR 🇧🇷
KLM a350-900
10 hours 30 minutes flight time

Chilling at the gate

Here we are, during takeoff roll, near collision too😳

I hope you enjoyed these :)


Once again beautiful as always. 😁

I’m speechless… The first picture is absolutely stunning! What a beautiful aircraft.

Fantastic shots! The back lighting in the first picture really brings out the dark and sleek properties of the A350.

Absolutely stunning shots!!

That cockpit picture is amazing! Looks like something out of a seatback airline magazing…AWESOME work!

Thank you :)

@yoshi_flyer it is beautiful, sad KLM cancelled the orders :(

@lucaviness thank you my friend

@Shane thanks😄

@JarrettFlies thanks, was very hard to make