Hello. I was curious if anyone knew of any sunrise/sunset flying apps where it will tell you when the sunset or sunrise will occur during your flight?

The weather channel up shows when the sunrise and sunset is…

Just google what time sunset is in a place, works for me!


Avia weather

Flight plan go

Both apps. Both free 😊


I mean more during a flight. Cause I was doing a flight from VHHH-EGLL and was expecting the sunset to occur closer to EGLL but it happened sometime before I woke up this morning

Oh, I’m not aware of anyway to do that other than manualy look at sunrise times compared to youre approximate ETA to that place…

Yea, that’s kinda impossible. If you know your destination and you know the sunset time you will have to guess depends on what direction of flight too.

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thank you. My guesses are generally correct if I am flying within the US but if I am doing international routes my guesses are always off. that was why I was asking

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International is tough. I remember when I was 12 and got access into BAs 747-400(after asking the FA like what seemed 8 times to go to the cockpit) and thought what I was seeing was the most beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic as waves were hitting the coast and the captain told me to look back. Full moon and stars. I will never ever forget that. Ever.

Long story short yea, it’s tough to guesstimate the timing bof those rises and sets 😊

I think this is exactly what you are looking for:

I use this app all the time when I am flying/filming with my drone so that I can ensure I am getting the best light. Nothing beats golden hour.

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Pretty expensive…

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No it is not. lets say I am flying from Los Angeles to London. I want to know when the sunset and sunrise is

There’s a free version that gives you all the essential information. For the purposes of infinite flight this is all you would need. The $9.99 version has augmented reality features.

I’m not aware of any app that will do all the dirty work for you. But with a little common sense it shouldn’t be that difficult to at least figure out an estimate.

I would expect the SunSurveyor app to actually work pretty well for figuring this out. SunSurveyor even uses a compass so that you could even figure out where the sun will rise relative to your current heading. Neato! However, for what you would like to do, you will need to pay $9.99 to unlock the full version of the app, because searching locations around the world is a paid feature. (FYI, I am in no way affiliated with this app, I just find it to be the best way of tracking the sun). The free version will only let you view sunrises/sunsets for your current GPS location.

Here’s what I would do in your example… Since you are flying west to east, you’ll be looking for a sunrise (from the cockpit). Anyways, I would take off from KLAX with my FPL set up in the flight computer and get up to cruising altitude. Once at cruise, pull open your FPL and pick a waypoint halfway between KLAX and EGLL. Use google or skyvectors to figure out what city/state or timezone the fix is in, and then load that location up in SunSurveyor. On the FPL in IF you can then see what your ETE is to that waypoint, and figure out what time you will be arriving at that fix. Use SunSurveyor to see where the sun is in the sky at the time you will arrive at that fix. If the sun already rose, you’ll need to pick a waypoint earlier in your flight… if the sun is still below the horizon, you’ll need to pick a waypoint later in your flight. Using this guess and check method, you should be able to get an idea for which waypoint you’ll be getting to when the sun finally rises.

Hope this helps.

Sorry @TylerShah, I lied to you. There is a tool for exactly what you are asking. Perhaps a google search would have yielded you better results than asking IFC haha.

It seems a little buggy, so not sure I would rely on it but hopefully it works for you.


thank you :)

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