Sunset Spotting for a First Visit | Munich, May 27, 2020

Hello once again!

More or less spontaneously, I went spotting once again last Wednesday. The reason: the first visit of a special livery and also the first (proper) pic I took of an Airbus A350-1000 in Munich.

Let’s start with a slightly smaller aircraft that touched down right after I arrived at the airport. The Dassault Falcon belongs to Volkswagen, but as the livery shows: you need to know that since the plane itself doesn’t give a hint.

A few minutes later, the special visitor from Doha arrived. For the, by now, regular cargo flight, Qatar Airways sent their A350-100o wearing the one world livery. Usually, a cargo flight would use the southern runway. Due to Corona, the southern runway is currently undergoing repair works until mid July. After that, all traffic will use the southern runway while the the northern runway will be worked on.

Immediately after one A350 landing, another one left. Lufthansa’s first A350 D-AIXA left Munich for Newark Airport carrying cargo as well.

After Volkswagen’s passenger flight, here’s the second plane actually carrying passengers: Another bizjet, flying for Aero-Dienst, from Braunschweig.

Are you missing the freighters already? No problem, here’s another one, but for once it’s a regular one. After arriving from Paris, the FedEx 777 left for Frankfurt.

But back to the “Preighters” - Icelandair is still using their 767s for cargo flights from China to Reykjavik via Munich. By now, they are operating 3 aircraft on the routes from Asia.

Half an hour before sunset, Qatar’s special visitor also left Munich again in perfect light.

I hope you liked the pics today! If everything goes well I can be back soon with another (soviet) special that’s currently scheduled for next week!

My Equipment:

Canon EOS 80D
Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM (99% of pics)
Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS (for the 1% of the cases where I need a wide angle lens)

You can follow me on twitter and Instagram to get more shots on a daily basis. Also, keep your eyes open on Flightradar24 where you might see some of my recent shots.


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Lovely pictures!

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Wow those are awesome!

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Very nice! That Qatari A350 is stunning 😍

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Thanks! Definitely worth torturing my backup Peugeot at 140 on the Autobahn to get there in time lol


Misleading title: 5/10

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It’s not misleading, Qatar’s A350-1000 visited Munich for the first time 👀

Now that you say it, I might have missed mentioning that haha

Great shots !! The Dassault Falcon and A350-1000 look so sexy :)

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Ja, unser lieber kleiner Flughafen ist nicht nur Dekoration auf dem Weg nach Hannover, bei uns fliegt auch was. :D

Great pictures as always! :)

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An nem guten Tag habt ihr momentan sogar noch mehr Verkehr als MUC

Thanks 😉

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