Sunset Spotting at KSEA

Hello, IFC,

I went spotting, recently, at KSEA airport during the sunset, and here are my best shots:

American A321 and Alaska E175 Inbound
American A321 on final for runway 34L
Alaska Horizon E175 on final for runway 34L

Delta 717-200 Taking Off runway 34R

Southwest 737-700 on final for runway 34L

United 737-900 on final for runway 34L
Spirit A320 on final for runway 34L

Alaskan 737-900 smashing on runway 34L

Southwest 737-700 touching down on runway 34L
EVA Air 777-300ER on final for runway 34L
Thank You!
Which one was your favorite?

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Thank You!


Which ones did you like the most? Comment below!

United needs to sloooow down there, pretty sure that 140knts is slightly over 20mph. πŸ˜…

Nice pictures!


I had to take a second look at that fourth photo, looked like the plane was headed right for the control tower!

And that United flight with that speed limit sign is very ironic :-D


Nice photos! I would have went spotting during my trip but did not have enough time. Maybe next time! I like the Alaska hard landing photo. I will say of the Alaska flights I am on, most of them don’t have decent landings, but some do.

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Do you use autofocus?

Yes, I do. Why?

Try manually focusing next time. My gut says it might yield better results for you.


I agree with @Joseph_Krol here. Also, try choosing a smaller f-stop number, which in turn, will make some of the photos lighter(photos 2, 3, 5, and 7)


Manual focus on aircraft is a tricky proposition

If you go too small, be aware that your depth of field will be smaller which means the nose and tail may be out of focus

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