Sunset Refueling

This was done a bit of time ago with 2 others, @Andre11 and @Canadian_Aviator, Andre was the KC10 and Canadian was the other FA18, I don’t have much to say about them and there wasn’t really a set fpl or anything, so I’ll supply some information, but not anything big. Anyway enjoy.

(Minimal) flight Information:
Location: Somewhere off the coast of California near Santa Monica
Departure Airport: KHHR (don’t ask how the KC10 took off we don’t talk about it)
(I told you this was minimal)


Very short and sweet, just thought I’d share them as I thought they were both good, feel free to lay out some criticism or mention your favorite and have a good rest of you day/night.


Nice photos! Are you apart of GAF @Meh ?

Not currently, no

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Is the air refeuling option there while flying orjust hoe to do it?

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all you do is go up close to the tanker and it should say Air refuel started. That’s all there is too it.
And no there is no option to refuel in flight unless your on solo

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Even for commercial flights it’s available or we have to contact someone who would be interested prior to our flight ?

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Is that a question?

If it is then, yes, you’ll have to contact someone and meet up at the refuel spot they choose.
Never tried it with a commercial airliner, you could try though!

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Yes , actually while doing long haul flights even after having full tanks ,I am short of fuel to reach to destination and there’s where difficulty comes for me like then i have to land to nearest airport get refueled and again continue journey but it consumes the amount of time for landing +then taking off from that airport.

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yea it would be more realistic to land and refuel with a commercial airliner than to get an air refuel.

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Thank you for helping me out.

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No problem, just PM me if you ever need an air refuel and I can help. I don’t currently have my DC-10F certificate in GAF but I can still help.


I hope they update the KC-10 tp have a fuel hose and basket for realistic fueling of the new F-18 rework

Wait how did you get the boom to extend? Whenever I do arial refueling, the boom doesn’t extend yet I still receive fuel.

An example in a group air refueling session. The boom hadn’t extended yet I still received fuel.

Bumping this for you @Meh :)

I love the shots, and even though this post is a year old, it is great to see some formation flying!

You can do either or, for that in specific that was us actually going for shots, I have done aerial refueling without the boom out as well.

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No. Commercial aircraft do not have aerial refueling capabilities in game or in real life.