Sunset planespotting at KMHT

Hello, this is my first spotting topic here. I went spotting at MHT in November at around 4pm when the sun was setting and here are a few of my pictures. My home airport MHT, (Manchester-Boston Regional Airport) is quite slow with only a few daily passenger flights and a few cargo flights. I was quite lucky to catch 2 American Eagle CRJs at Sunset.

^Right here is a Piper PA-28 I believe landing with the control tower right in front of it.

^Here is a CRJ-900 taxiing to Runway 24 for takeoff.

^Here is that same CRJ turning onto the runway.

^Closeup of this CRJ-900 lining up on the runway (screenshot taken from video I took)

^This is a CRJ coming in for landing at runway 24 (screenshot also)

^This little C172 lining up for takeoff

Thanks for looking at my pics!

(all of these have been resized to fit on the IFC)


Like it. In my town we don’t see a lot of plane🥲

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Thanks! Recently, here its been quite cold and boring :(

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What camera and lense did you use? They are quite sharp!

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Thanks! I used a Panasonic Lumix G9,

It is this?

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That must be with a lens, as I got it for quite less

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Nice Luke!

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I was also at Triangle Plaza at MHT this day, got the same shots! Great to see local spotters on the IFC!

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Thank you!! I’ve seen you flying around a few times.

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Thank you!

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