Sunset Over the Coast Mountains // CYXY-CYVR

Whitehorse 🇨🇦 (CYXY) to Vancouver 🇨🇦 (CYVR)

Sup everyone! Just recently, I did a flight from Whitehorse, YT, Canada 🇨🇦 to Vancouver, BC, 🇨🇦. I departed on time and was lucky enough to catch a beautiful sunset over the Coast Mountains in western Canada. I was also able to see the great 60th parallel border where all the scenery cuts off. Anyway, stay safe, wear your mask, and enjoy the photos!


Date: 2/26/21
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 1:52
Aircraft: CRJ-900
Airline: Air Canada
Callsign: Jazz 8892

Boarding passengers while the snow lightly descended from above

Back taxiing runway 14R as we make our final preparations for takeoff

Departing the freezing Canadian North

The moon rising as the sun begins to descend

Approaching the Great 60th parallel

Cruising at 37,000 feet through the colorful sky

Enjoying the amazing sunset

Descending into Southern Canada with a nice view of Mt. Rainier in the distance

Landing safely and on time in Vancouver

Deplaning our aircraft in the faint moonlight. Welcome to Vancouver 🇨🇦!

Appreciate you for viewing my photos!


Yes CRJ, nice photos!

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@Pilot_Felix appreciate the compliment!

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I literally just flew out of Whitehorse as well. Landing in Norman Wells here shortly.

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One day, mate. One day…

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Nice moooooonshot…

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I wish there was an Air Canada IF Discord Server, I would join in straight away!

And the pictures are beautiful of course! I mean… How could they not be with an Air Canada plane?

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These pictures are stunning! Thanks for visiting YVR as well.

The sunset and the moonshot were by far the best.

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Nice flight!!

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@CheapJedi thats right! Hope it comes soon!

@TheGlobalAviator Thank you!

@anon67724595 Thanks! All Air Canada shots are great!

@Canadian_Aviator Thank you and I can’t do anything but agree with you on the sunset and moonshot.

@Fung_Sum-sum Thanks!

One Canadian bump

Awesome shots @KSS!

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