Sunset over Auckland | A350-900 Flight Deck

Wow, this was a long flight… over 20 hours from London Heathrow to Auckland Intl. These are some shots from the flight deck approaching Auckland just before establishing on the ILS. Let me know what you think!

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I finished KDFW-YSSY 8 idh hours ago after flying for 18 hours. To think that it’s a scheduled real life fligjt in regular economy on a Qantas a380 is crazy

What livery did you use?


Realism 10/10… not. LOL

Nice! Most of good scenery passing through Europe, Asia and most of Australia

Aw, mate nice to see you in new Zealand my hometown.

With such a long flight time, did your equipment persist?And…nice photo!

It is a beautiful country

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Yep, luckily made it to the airport with just over 3 hours remaining in my tanks!

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Thanks for sharing! Love flying over Auckland, have done so many times!