Sunset in Seattle

Who didn’t imagine a beautiful evening on the US west coast? I’m sure most of you do.
The waves, the rocky beaches and the shiny skyscrapers and the setting Orange sun shining through the dark green canopy of a pine tree. And most importantly the giant Cone volcanoes. Geographically Seattle and surroundings are so interesting, perfect view from above in an airplane.

Departing in Kastrup Airport Copenhagen and arrival in KSEA Seattle with delta b777-200.

This route is ‘again’ very recommended, with seeing the mountains of Norway, the snow layer on Greenland, the continental plains in Canada, as last surprise the rocky mountains.

And for my second long haul flight ever, I had no problems anymore with the fuel and everything went as planned. Take off and landing went super smooth.

Anyways here are some (edited) Screenshots,

A view of a large part of the airport, and mountain ofc!

Close up



absolutely stunning


Oh my gosh that is so hot picture ive ever seen!!!
Fantastic job!

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I had to look twice, for a split moment I thought it was real :)

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Now this is just bueatiful scenery

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Beautiful scenery

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