Sunset in Innsbruck - A Foggy Morning

Touchdown with a lovely sunset at Innsbruck, the fog is what makes it 🤤

Server: Expert
Route: EGKK (London Gatwick) - LOWI (Innsbruck)
Aircraft: A319-200, EasyJet


How are your spoilers deployed to full when your not even on the ground?


I know, I’m not sure why that happened.


He probably rewinded the replay from when he was on the ground and had deployed spoilers

I did yes. Maybe that was it. Oh well, it all adds to the ‘effect’ of the picture 😂

Yup lol! It’s a nice photo though!

Thanks very much!

Or maybe he had is flight spoilers on during the touchdown. Great shot though!

Nah, that’s not a what they look like.

Thanks though!

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Or a nice bounce!!! Joking.
Great shot!

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Could have been that tbh ;)

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Wow 😮 just wow

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I saw that 🤣

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I got clickbaited jk it’s still an amazing pic love it

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Aww thank you!

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I sometimes take all of the most beautiful screenshots of infinite flight from the past year, and put them in a slideshow. This photo would 100 percent of the time make it! Amazing job!

Ahh, thank you!

Anytime rebal15

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Love the runway lights and the mountains, the spoilers are a little wired though…

Yep. Not sure why the spoilers were up 😂