Sunset Gold/night Spotting At PHX Runway 26!

Hey everyone, I went spotting today after I got off a short flight from FLG. I did a lot of videos but here are the good photos I got. Btw, I got my first strobe shots!! Tell me what you think.
PHX News-If you know PHX well you would know that runway 25R is the main runway for Takeoff. Right now, 26R is the only runway for takeoff making it easy to spot taking off planes because you don’t have to switch sides. 25R is closed for lighting stuff, I am not yet sure when it will be back open. Anyway, enjoy and also tag me if you are a fellow PHX spotter of PHX geek! No Use Without Permission Via DM/PM-Thank you

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Thanks for checking it out! Comment below!


Those pictures are amazing! Keep up the good work!

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That 2nd air Canada CRJ is 🔥


I was at PHX for my flight back to DEN today at this time.

Here’s one of the shots I got from inside the terminal

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As a shot from inside a building where you would’ve had glass in your way…that is impressive…

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No way, I got photos of that same plane but they weren’t the best!

That Air Canada CRJ is stunning!!

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Very nice photos!

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