Sunset Flight Over California Coast

A couple months ago I went up with my brother to get some footage flying over Santa Cruz and document the flight. Here’s the result. Enjoy!


So amazing! Your brother does some sweet stuff, I follow him on social media. Got the chance while flying VFR irl to see him fly 800ft above me in a formation a while back.


This is so awesome! Praying that it becomes safe enough to start flying lessons sooner than later🙏

@infiniteflight_17 That’s awesome, thanks for the kind words!

@Thunderbolt I feel you :( Had to take a break from my training too, but starting back up again in a couple days!


Man the photo looks amazing!! 🔥

So sick Chris. What camera are you using? The quality is super crisp!

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It’s a Fuji X-T2 paired with the 16-55 f/2.8

Really good camera for what it’s worth!

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Nice! Absolutely killed it. Hope to see more of these

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Wow! Amazing photos!

Love that analog cockpit. 😍

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