Sunset at Expressway Visual Approach

This is one of those approaches that might need to work on since I keep turning early or late but I still like it since it’s from my hometown airport LGA :D and did quite good in solo but the 757 was a pain

All flights in Solo

Spirit A320

Frontier A321

Southwest 737-700

Delta 737-900

United Express CRJ-200

Delta Connection CRJ-900

US Airways E175

American 757 (Its really painful to turn this thing)

Air canada 767
And a Historic aircraft

Continental DC-10

Anyway comment below if you have tried to approach before


That frontier pic was the best


These are amazing photos!


Yep gotta love the animal on it

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Hmmm I had a sneaky suspicion that you weren’t from Bikini Bottom or Planet Popstar… anyways great photos as usual

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Very cool!
That’s why we need the 757 rework! 😂

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@MJP_27 Thanks!
@AviatorNikola RIP i actually live in new york
@anon74260613 Yes like really its really bad (worse than the E jet family)


I love practicing it. There is a cool video on YouTube of someone doing it and explaining.

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Same guy would be better in approaches aswell

That Spirit shot is my favorite. Nice job with these!

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Yep this spirit livery is one of my favs