Sunset Arrival into Vancouver

Yesterday Canada was featured in this weeks ATC Schedule. I knew, that there would be some stunning approaches as Canada offers some amazing scenery. Here are some of my photos as we make our approach in the evening hours into Vancouver.

MT. Rainier

About to cross into Canadian Airspace.

MT. Baker behind us as we are on final.

Hope you enjoyed.


Amazing pictures! You were flying KSEA-CYVR I assume?

I had some great approach’s as well, it looks like you did also, thanks for posting!

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CYVR-KSAN and back.


Wow those are nice good job

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Thank you for everyone who has liked these photos I greatly appreciate the support. Share this with your friends my goal is to get at least 20 likes! Thanks again.

Such nice pictures

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Your just 1 away

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Love the last picture with the mountain in the background!

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let’s keep it going. thank you to everyone who was liked and commented.

Is there any flights that you guys want me to do and take pictures. I would be happy to do so.

Wow, the last one is the best 😍

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Our goal now is to get 30 likes. Never did I think so many people would like these pictures. Thank you soooo much everyone.

Thank you so much for the support we made it to our goal yet again. Let’s keep it going.

Like farming? Hahaha

Nice photos!


I really enjoyed the scenery in Canada yesterday, great fun flying above the mountains and taking off/landing at altitude.


wow that makes a good wallpaper

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Next goal is 40 likes!

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One question, how did your landing go?
I did a flight from CYVR to KSFO and I horribly landed the CRJ. It’s cursed to me.

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Fantastic!!! Beautiful, beautiful!

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