Sunset arrival into JFK

B737 TWA livery
FT: 2’05”
Feat. the famous Mr. Motorbike Man, our very own @ToasterStroodie, and our supersonic escort @Saharsh!

At the gate, on-loading fuel, pax, and cargo.

Holding short RW08R as our escort arrives.

Cruising along, with myself smelling Saharsh’s exhaust.

“How ya doin back there?”

Cruising shenanigans

Landing checklist:

  • Gear down
  • Flaps full
  • Landing lights on
  • Cabin Crew advised
    Landing checklist complete!

Short final RW04R at JFK, battling 35kt quartering winds

50, 40, 30, 20, 10

An artist’s rendition of our flight after we have parked at the gates


I love that livery 😍

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Wow! Nice photos!

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I see formation flights, I like.

I see TWA, I’m officially happy!

Great photos @Raze!

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Thanks, and I love the Axis idea, I just wasn’t able to commit to it:(

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No worries! I hope to fly sometime soon though. 😉

Great photo ~

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Last photo is beautiful! Great shots

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seems like the FAA will be in contact

Hey, they allowed it ;)