Sunset arrival into Athens

Flight from LIME—>LGAV

This flight from Milan [Bergamo] to Athens using a Ryanair 738! The route took around 2h 20m cruising at 0.78 all the way to Athens! I was joined by @CPTO for this route!

Ready to go to Athens!

Take off!

Cruising over mainland Greece getting ready for descent!

A lovely sunset after arrival into Athens!

Hope you enjoyed the screenshots :)

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Great shots! Would deffo love to do some Ryanair flights with you one day :)


Yes, sounds cool! :)

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Thanks for all the love on the screenshots everyone! :)

The sunset was beautiful with the peaks!

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love the photos

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Thank you!!

I agree :)

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Thank you so much!!! :)

Woahhh awesome shots. Love the third one soooo much 😁

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Thank you!!! Glad you liked it!!

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The sunset take off at Athens was also 👌🏻


Nice Screenshot!

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Fantastic screenshots there from the flight👍

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Awesome pictures :)

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Thank you!! :)