Sunset Arrival in Dubai

Air Canada flight 56 Finally another airline other than Emirates is on short final for RWY 30R @OMDB arriving from Toronto. Behind her is an A350 on final for the runway parallel to it. The sun just about sets and provides a nice ambience to wrap the flight. Let’s just appreciate these moments that take our breath away.

Normally I wouldn’t post one pic, but this one stood out. I promise I’ll be back with a fresh set of screenshots.


i actually really like this! nice job!

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Oh wow, those shades of red and orange are stunning!

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Wow now that’s on the next level


That looks amazing! I love the other plane just behind you coming in parallel, it looks very realistic.

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Thanks everyone for your input! This is personally one of my favorite edits, and I don’t usually do them.

Very nice wow

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