Sunset arrival in Cape Town

1) Background to the photos
After a 10hr46min, sunrise to sunset flight from London Heathrow to Cape Town flying over breathtaking, diverse scenery, Virgin Atlantic 478 Heavy rests at its designated gate in Cape Town and inspires a drone and ground photo.

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Expert server

3) Photos
Aircraft marshall’s “Birthday girl” view of parked aircraft

Drone captures sunset scenery at Cape Town International Airport; manages to include visual of the Cape of Good Hope.


Very nice photos

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Amazing Im currently on my way to Cape Town


Thank you! The views were incredible.

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Wow wonderful pictures I love South Africa and especially Cape Town :)

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It is a FACT that you flew to FACT and that the city FACT is in is absolutely beautiful and amazing. It is also a FACT that your pictures are great, and you should keep it up.

Thank you:)

Great pictures!

insert overused FACT joke here


It is a FACT that we like the FACT joke
It is also a FACT that you said it too