Sunset and sunrise over the pacific (HND-EWR)

A beautiful flight from Haneda to Newark. Sunset over Tokyo, and sunrise over Anchorage. Using the expert server, i managed to get pictures of others at the now popular Newark. I used the united B777-200er which united airlines use it on this route irl. Hope you enjoy!

Starting up from Haneda’s intl terminal.

A looong taxi from intl terminal to runway 34R

Entering runway 34R

Taking off

View over Tokyo

Bye bye Japan!

Sunset over the pacific

Midnight while avoiding Russian airspace

Sunrise over Alaska!

Amazing Canadian mountains

Smooth sailing over Canada

Stunning turn above Milwaukee

Chicago in the distance

We meet a rocky turbulence as we fly into Newark.

Crazy turbulence during descent as well.

Finally lined up with runway 22L after a busy approach

Landed after 12 hours and 28 minutes of flying.

Thanks for taking a look at my first ever post in the infinite flight community! Please give me feedback so I can improve.


The 5th picture is beautiful! Also, welcome to the IFC, glad to have you here


Thanks! I hope u will like my other pictures that I edited in just now :D

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Great pics! Keep up the good work 👏

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Awesome post for your first! And that last photo looks like it’s seconds before a butter. Hope you enjoyed the flight :)

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Not to be mean or anything but you have 21 photos here and the limit is 10 so great photos just keep that in mind for next time.

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Joined 3 hours ago, posted 2 hours ago, and somehow posting a better S&V topic then most on the forum! You’re already a pro my guy

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oh ok thanks for the feedback!