Sunset Aerial Refueling with Adam Callow @KCOS

As military day was coming to an end, @AdamCallow decided to do some aerial refueling over KCOS before heading off to Europe, and naturally, I volunteered to be the tanker. I circled for a bit around KCOS while Adam spawned in and readied his FPL, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect as the sun began to set. Here’s some pictures from our short (but fun) aerial refueling adventure. Enjoy!

Server: Expert
Adam’s Route: KCOS-LIMC
Flight Time: 1 hour

Circling KCOS and waiting for Adam to catch up.

Starting the refueling process as the sun sets.

Final bit of topping off before Adam leaves me for LIMC.

Refueling complete. Enjoying the sunset with a brief bit of formation flying before we split. Wing rocks were exchanged, and my paycheck received.

C-130 goes gulp gulp gulp.

Messed around with the time and tried to get a moonshot for the fun of it.

Thanks for viewing! I hope y’all enjoyed the photos :)


Great photos toaster!

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Incredible!!! Insanely good job Toaster.


Amazing shots :)

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Correction, Adam’s planned route.

Adam’s actual route was KCOS-EGJJ. Still a very nice flight. Thanks for the fuel and the ace pictures.


How was this done? Sticking a check out the cockpit window from one to another? hehe

Great shots Toaster! Is this the start of Toaster Photo service?

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Absolutely love that fourth one!!! Just wow!!!

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Wow, looks amazing Toaster!

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Love every single shot. Super disappointed I wasn’t invited though. 🥺

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I only posted the request in a slack channel you are part of, if that doesn’t count as an invite then I don’t know what does.

I meant personal invite from Toaster, though just a joke.

Thanks a bunch folks! Much appreciated.

Oh darn, did you run out of fuel on the way there, Adam? Thanks for flying around with me for a bit!

Nah, we used a fax machine. Thanks for the compliments! No comment on ToasterPhotos at the moment.

Thanks a bunch!

Thanks man! FedEx failed to deliver my invite to your front door, sorry. Does me flying with you for three days in a row make up for it?


That’s why you use USPS for letters. SMH. 🤦‍♂️

And yes, it does. 🙂

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That sunset 😍 awesome work!

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So this is what you were doing instead of controlling with me :( ;)lovely pics! Im surprised that you were able to get the oh -so-elusive, ever-mysterious @AdamCallow to follow you! He never follows anyone!;)

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No, I ran out of time. Turns out you can’t just get that from a KC10.

We now know you I’m intercepting next.


This is why I chose UPS. Great shots!

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Amazing shots here is one of mine ☝🏻

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May or may not have bribed Adam for this one. The paycheck for the refueling services at least broke me even, though!

Ah, darn. Maybe if you gave me some magical pixie dust to sprinkle into the fuel for next time, you’ll get extra time on top of the fuel.

Yeah, I’m definitely not cheaping out on shipping next time. UPS Same Day it is, for next time! Thanks for the compliment!


bring it on!