Sunseeker58’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @

Hello all, I’m open at KORD for some practice before my IFATC practical if anyone would like to help and give me feedback. Thanks.


Nice to see that you’ve set up an ATC tracking thread! Let me know if you receive any feedback from pilots.

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Now open at KORD, come on by for some ATC assistance!

OPEN at LFPG for an hour or so. Stop on in for some patterns

THanks @AirSerene , sorry about the initial takeoff clearance, the shop foreman came in and was talking to me.

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Would you want your feedback on here or PM

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Either way

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Open at YSSY, come on down south and do some patterns and practice some windy landings. Currently showing 17024. Feedback is appreciated!

Can I come in about 15/25MIN

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I’ll be here! Thanks.

No problem. When I join I’ll be in a TBM-900 RED Stripe Livery

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Change of plans @Sunseeker58 I’m going to do a actual flight in a 737-700BBJ

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Here are a few things:

<I asked for pushback which was good and taxi clearance was good but right after the clearance of taxi you gave me cross runway immediately (which of course the runway was pretty close).

I need time because sometimes atc gives me a last minute runway change so then I taxi slow or hold short of the runway to change my flight plan.

<Lastly you gave me cleared for takeoff early. And like I said I neeed time because atc might give me a last minute runway change and I need time to set a new flight Plan

I don’t want to make you feel like I only find bad or I notice on every speck. I’m just saying that you need to wait until they request it because as a pilot there has to be preparation and being alert for any last minute command so we all need time

@Helicopterzzz I would not have to agree with you on this one, I think he can give you an early clearance once the airspace is clear and it is the pilot’s responsibility to have the flight plan set before pushback… usually you set a flight plan straight to the airport and await ATC instructions to a runway, you don’t always get to choose your landing runway, it is at the discretion of the ATC so flight plans does not count.

@Sunseeker58 About the cross runway thing, you may be right, you may be wrong, I don’t know… Focus on getting the written test passed then focus on patterns, sequencing and transitions (hopefully) for that practical.
If there will be things to work on(which there will for both you and I) you will be given training.

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Written has been passed, I’m just getting practice before I attempt the practical. On the runway crossings, if there is no one around, and I know he’s clear to cross, why not give the clearance early… I’ve had it where I was half way down the taxiway to the runway and gotten a clearer to take off because I was the only one around.

And I agree with you on that one, I don’t know what he is training to state.

I’m open at KEWR for for awhile come hang out, do some patterns and give me some feedback.

I’m open at KJFK current atis widn 140 at 4

I’ll stop by for only a few circuits. 🙂

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It’s technically not against the rules, but I would advise waiting to clear them until they’re requested takeoff. If you clear early, something might change between the clearance and the time they arrive at the runway that causes you to need to cancel the takeoff clearance. Additionally, it puts pressure on the pilot if you clear early because then they feel the need for a rapid taxi/takeoff, which can cause them to forget things.

I don’t believe it’s specified in the manual (I’ll double-check to be sure), but IMO, waiting for them to request it allows for more flexibility. :)