Sunrise Sortie

Hello! And welcome to my first screenshot thread! Today, I flew a low level military training route through Northern California, Oregon and Nevada.

  • Server: Expert
  • Flight Time: 1:30
  • Aircraft: F/A-18E Super Hornet

So first, a little information on MTRs.

Military Training Routes (MTRs)
Note: The following information is for the U.S. as I don’t know chart symbology for other countries.

MTRs are depicted on sectional charts by a grey line that start with either “VR” or “IR”, meaning they are a VFR or IFR training route, respectively. Following the prefix, there will be either 3 or 4 numbers. Routes containing 4 numbers are at or below 1,500 AGL and routes containing 3 numbers are above 1,500 AGL. Examples of both are pictured below.

The Flight
My flight today takes us along VR1251, which starts off the west coast of California, heads north through southern Oregon, travels south through Nevada and ends just north of NAS Fallon (highlighted red).

Now the pictures!

Full afterburner takeoff at sunrise 🔥

Short 25 min cruise at FL300, just enough time for breakfast 🥞

VR1251 entry point off the west coast of California 🌅

Landfall 🏖

Blasting over Redwood Creek, I don’t think anyone’s catching fish today 😬

Up and over!

Little time for sightseeing by Mount McLoughlin, Oregon 🏔

VR1251 exit point just north of NAS Fallon 🏜

Flight Plan
I hope you all enjoyed! Here is the flight plan if anyone is interested in flying this as well!

VR1251.fpl (11.6 KB)


Beautiful shots!

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Thank you!

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