Sunrise Screenshots + an HUD question

Does anyone know what this circle is in the HUD?

Oh and since you’re here, here’s a couple nice screenshots of my flight from RCTP → VHHH with a Cathay A333 :)


I don’t know what it it’s called specifically, but it’s something that shows where your aircraft is going. When you are landing, you want that aimed at the touchdown zone, so you don’t come under or above.

Nice screenshot, especially the second one!

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It’s Flight Path Vector or FPV for short.


Ok thanks for the help! I’ve always wondered what FPV was in the systems menu and I guess I know now.

Thanks! Turns out it’s FPV, which is where your plane is actually heading based on wind, weight, etc. which can be slightly different to your attitude.

You can disable it in systems menu, and the meaning was told already by @anon67310022

That is a Flight Path Vector indecator. You can use it especially when on final by putting it on the runway where you want to land. It is very useful when flying larger aircraft.

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Mostly useful for crosswind landings lol