Sunrise Photoshoot! (New Boeing 777-300er)


Here are a few photos from my recent flight near Vancouver, Canada (CYVR).
Training Server, August 18th 2020, Sunrise

I really enjoy the new updates to the 777-300er! They especially look amazing when the morning sunrise is just peaking over these Vancouver Island Mountains.

Feel free to post your own photos of the new 777-300er in the morning sun and let me know what you think of these pics!


Got some HUD showing. As per the #screenshots-and-videos you can’t have HUD showing.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the reminder! Didn’t realize it wasn’t hidden on that last one lol.

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You can barely see it, I haven’t even noticed it

It’s fine. I love the pictures though. Remove the last picture and it is golden!

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That’s my birthday :)

Great pics 👍

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