Sunrise Over the Southern Alps

Decided to take a quick trip down to New Zealand, saw some amazing sights of the Southern Alps.

Route: Queenstown Airport (NZQN) to Mount Cook (NZMC)
Server: Casual
Flight time: 28 minutes

Shortly after takeoff from Queenstown.

Stunning view of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

Some of the bluest water in all of IF at Lake Pukaki.

Touchdown at Mount Cook (highest point in New Zealand off in the distance).

Would definitely recommend this route for anyone looking for a short, scenic flight in a fun airplane.


Great pictures and welcome to the Community!!

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I really like the second to last picture with the lake in it. Great job and welcome to the community

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Thank you! I really appreciate it!

Nice pics but the Alps are in Europe. The mountains in New Zealand aren’t called the “Alps”.

My favourite picture so far. Love the scenery.

They are called the southern alps

Yes, actually the mountain range on the South Island of New Zealand are called the Southern Alps.