Sunrise on the Gold Coast to a bustling morning in Sydney!

Hey everyone!

Recently I’ve been flying a lot more, so I decided “why not take more screenshots?” This particular flight was on a clear and calm day, with a beautiful sunrise on the Gold Coast. After departure, which was great given the active ATC, we banked right following the SID, giving a lovely view of Springbrook and Lamington national park. The flight was clear, and arriving in Sydney was a pleasure with ATC. It even involved a parallel landing with a Jetstar A320, which was a welcome surprise. Now, I best stop talking and get to the photos.

Aircraft: Qantas Boeing 737-800
Server: Expert

1) Rotating out of OOL against a backdrop of the rising sun

2) Banking over the Gold Coast hinterland

3) Cruising at FL370, no turbulence whatsoever

4) Belly shot of the mighty B738, as it begins the descent into Syndey

5) Over Sydney Harbour, giving great views of the bustling Sydney metro area

6) A parallel landing on 34R, nice little surprise!

7) On the ground in Sydney, flight time of just over an hour

Which was your favourite?

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Thanks for taking the time to look at these! As always, any feedback is much appreciated :D


Really good shots mate, I really like the shot seen below, the Gold Coast is definitely the best place for a Golden Sunrise.


Thanks, mate; the sunrises on the Gold Coast are quite something else, eh?

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Really good shots mate!

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Hey mate! As a local to Gold Coast Airport, may I ask you what runway you took off from?

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Really loving this shot showing off the Qantas Group

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Took off on 14, departing southbound :)

Thanks mate!

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Thanks Luke 😀

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