Sunrise+Moon during takeoff in Mexico

After a casual flight in Mexico, I went to the replay mode to record my takeoff and landing.
While setting up the angle for the takeoff recording I encountered (the following in the photos) and took a couple of screenshots of them. Turned out pretty alright.

Details of flight:
Aeromexico 025FF(FF stands for Flight for Fun in this case)
Boeing 757-200
MMPR–>MMSD(1hr16min including time of the ground)
Flight planned and conducted in the Expert Server

There are 2 groups of photos:


There were supposed to be only 4 screenshots but I noticed some bright rectangle to the top left which did interfere with my expectations.

The following were my initial screenshots:


Nice shots!

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The last one is definetely my favourite. Almost doesn’t look like IF anymore!

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Glad to see the small issue in the last 4 screenshots did not downgrade the quality of them.

Thanks people!

Love the last one! So cool!

Beautiful pictures! I have also encountered the same rectangle issue except the rectangle was dark. Hopefully it gets fixed at some point.