Sunrise is beautiful

have a look just take a minute 😍


Hello there. You can use the #screenshots-and-videos

Please read. Read and follow the rules…


To expand on this since it hasn’t obviously been made clear, after all my time here seeing similar members posting continuously, they all very quickly got something rightly deserved, a suspension. This means they couldn’t post… end of the world am I right?! And most of these weren’t even as much as your activity has been. Just taking a moment to think whether someone in the world would either learn something, appreciate, or want to read your comments, thoughts or questions is the first step to becoming a better member on the community.

After hour edit:

In this I don’t mean to be directly harsh. I’m posting since all users who have provided their thoughts and information on the OP’s content has been completely ignored every single time. This builds up a lot of tension between members that will eventually snap and result in a bad experience for all. I was suspended becuase of my content for a short while last year, and it’s not a nice experience or thought have a suspension on your name, at least for me, it’s the last thing I’d want in this world. I just can’t stress how much regret my actions from before, and don’t want other users to go down the same path.

Also apologies if I sound a bit mini-moddy and aggravated. I moderate many other communities and forums. I posted at a level that is above what I would post to a user under my actions. Here that is very different and want to make it clear that no matter who or what I am, I can only advise as an equal, than act as a higher up.


Great photo but can I just say this…

For some reason, you seem to think this community is google or some search engine. From the list of topics, you have made, at least half of the questions you have asked you can easily find the answers online or with a quick search in the community search bar - or it was so simple that you figured it out yourself…without even needing our help but you still made a topic.

With regards to category guidelines, you seem to just ignore them most of the time - I dunno if you think they are optional rules - HINT: They. Are. Not. (in other words - those guidelines are mandatory). If you continue to ignore them, it will lead to you being suspended, and eventually banned from the forum if you continue doing it.

I am just giving you the heads up, please just follow the guidelines for each category and if you have a question, either try and figure it out yourself and if you cant, FIRST go into the community search bar and see if your question has already been asked and answered in some form, and if not, THEN you can make a topic.

As is obvious above, its annoying quite a lot of us who are here often at this point.


Come on guys, no need to keep attacking the OP. If the topic doesn’t follow community guidelines, just simply use the flag button. Be nice!

Good on you if you reminded the the OP the first few times; you’ve done your job as a fellow IFC member. However, it is not your place to give out “warnings”. Leave that to the moderators of this forum.


Poor guy is trying to share a nice photo… and bam he gets hit with some of the worst “minimod” replies I have seen to date. I think you all need to take a breather, and rethink the aggressive nature of your posts. It is setting a poor first impression of the new users on the forum.

Not a single ounce of positive feedback to be seen.


I think they were trying the first 10 (not exaggeration) times he did I the same things. And they tell him the same things. And they are starting to lose there Patients


Either way, only one person needs to say it. Everyone jumping in isn’t gonna do anything. Just flag and wait for a mod to do what they need to do


Yea pls follow the guidelines, but still a very nice shot

If we can please remember to be kind and respect other members of the community. We understand the frustration, but there is no need to be rude to other members on the forum, after all we all share the same passion, the same interest and are here for the same reason.

I’m not going to call out anyone specifically as that is not what my role is, nor is it the appropriate thing to do.

The forum has a flag feature which can be utilized and a moderator will attend to it when able. We do not need multiple people stating the same thing over and over again. Link the guidelines to the category and if any further issues persist either flag the topic/reply, or send a message to moderators and we will be more than happy to assist.


I just want to add a comment ad well here, and I might be not as nice as Declan:

Here we have a topic of a user who wanted to share a screenshot / experience from the simulator we all love - the reason all of us are here. As a response he got multiple comments telling him to read the rules and even threats of being suspended. I’m sorry, but that’s not acceptable. Yes, the image doesn’t follow the category rules. But as Declan said, that’s what we have a flagging feature for.

The role of moderators isn’t just to close topics when they get flagged. We also look at the users behind these topics to see if we can offer assistance. We do this via private messages - where it should be done. It may look like that we’re just closing a topic but you can’t see what else we’re doing afterwards. Our goal isn’t to work against users. Our goal is to help them and work with them. That being said: There is no need to publicly call out users for mistakes they might have made and there’s definitely no need to threaten suspensions or other things. If you feel like something isn’t right or follow the rules, flag the topic and us moderators will deal with it.

Look, we always appreciate when we see users helping others in a friendly and welcoming way. That’s fine, and that’s an important part of being in a community. That’s why we’ll also sometimes tell you if we think that what you flagged is something you could’ve done yourself (like sending a friendly PM) instead of flagging it. But please read the previous comments to see if something has been posted already. Please remain friendly and helpful. Think about whether something would work better in a friendly PM instead of a public comment. And if you feel like there is an issue: Flag it and tell us your concerns.

Sometimes it also helps to remember your first days on the IFC and how you didn’t know all the rules either. The first feature request I posted for example was closed as it contained two separate feature requests in a single topic 😉

Thanks everyone; have a nice evening!