Sunrise Into Taiwan

A beautiful sunrise as a China Airlines 777W approaches RCTP(Taiwan) from EDDF(Frankfurt)

12:08 minutes of flight time

Expert server

Boeing 777-300ER


Flight plan for the flight

Sunrise on the approach


I’ll be there in about 6hrs from PANC

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Hope that it is a scenic flight, have fun!

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Any more pics from that flight

What’s the point of having such a flight plan why not make it nice and simple

Because it’s realistic and is often more efficient. Flight plans like this take advantage of winds, take into account airspace regulations, and give you an accurate enroute time if you plan on sleeping.

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Not any good ones

You have replay mode

I know but the other shots would just be taking off and landing.

No you can change the time to see the ground for example on cruise over Greece in the 787

I know, that’s how took the picture above, I just don’t like posts with 10 pictures is all