Sunrise in the Middle East-Canarsie Approach in the Big Apple

Hello IFC! I’m back again with some more photos for y’all. Last night I was trying to figure where to fly to. As I was searching I found out that the sun was beginning to rise in Jerusalem. From there I found my arrival airport, JFK. I decided to try to fly the Canarsie Approach because it seemed like a fun little challenge. Lets just say I’ve had better landings. But anyways, I hope y’all enjoy these photos!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: El Al Boeing 787-10
Flight time: 11hrs 28mins
Server: Expert

Beautiful takeoff as the sun begins to rise

Dalaman, Turkey

Puka, Albania

Swiss Alps

Somewhere over France

After many hours we begin our approach into JFK

Droppin the gear down before we begin the famous approach

Starting our turn as we perform the Canarsie Approach

Welcome to JFK!


Picture 5 is wow

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Wow! Nice job… love the livery and plane. Like the mountains too, nice canarsie approach to top it off


Thank you!

Thanks! :)

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Nice I love picture 7!

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I love the wing view (pictures 5)

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some nice shots u got there!

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Nice photos! Funny because last weekend I buttered a B772 on the Canarsie approach at -40 something fmp. Defiantly one of the best approaches out there!

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One of my favorite flights to do (only in reverse). I really like the shot of the wing on picture 7

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Really cool pictures, well done! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you!

Thanks :)


Thank you! At least your landing was better than mine😂

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks Julian!


Cool shots! The Canarsie is always fun