Sunrise in Helsinki-Land of The Morning Calm

Hello IFC! Last night I flew an over nighter from Finland to South Korea using the A350, a plane I haven’t used in a while. This route took me over most of Russia, part of Mongolia, and into Seoul. Hope y’all enjoy!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: Finnair Airbus A350
Flight time: 8hrs 12mins
Server: Expert

Beautiful sunrise as we takeoff from cold Helsinki!

I just love how the sun reflects off of the A350

After a few hours we fly over the Dvina River in northern Russia

Yugyd Va National Park

Northeast Mongolia

The lush green hills of northern China

After many hours, we begin our descent in Seoul

Droppin our gear down on final

Touchdown in windy Seoul!


I love those sunset ones! Very nice.

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Nice on, thanks for sharing! The A350 is always a real stunner too.

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The second to last picture is amazing. You should find the time of the year when the sun sets at that heading and get an awesome sunset pic

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Thank you!

Thanks a lot! :)

Yea I’ll try to do that, thanks!


Great photos! Seoul is always fun to fly into

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Thank you! It sure is :)

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And by the way, that first sunrise photo is 😍

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Thanks! :)

Nice looking very sharp

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Thank you :)

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