Sunrise Flight | Lisbon - Madeira

These are some photos from yesterday, and since Madeira, famous for its strong winds, was featured on the ATC schedule, I decided to do a short flight from Lisbon to Madeira! Aboard the TAP A319, I flew this extremely fun captains-only approach. It wasn’t my best landing, but it was fun nonetheless! Enjoy the photos!

Aircraft: TAP A319
Server: Expert

Our ride to Madeira, turning on the APU in Lisbon

Holding short, with a BA 757 landing from Heathrow

Goodbye Lisbon!

My favorite moonshot over the Atlantic

Our destination, Madeira, also the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo

Gear down on the downwind leg, with a TAP (I presume) A330

Turning base

Short final at Madeira

A firm touchdown, with @Ruben_Fly and @lucaviness watching

The passengers are deboarding, and a fun flight has come to an end!

I hope you liked the photos! Let me know which was your favorite!

Here is my YouTube video of the flight:
Lisbon to Madeira

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Wow! Your pictures are very nice!

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Thanks a lot!

It is a great challenge tho!

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The TAP livery looks great and the route is fantastic as well with Funchal making for a challenging approach. Thanks for sharing!

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Wowowowow the lighting and the angles are sooo good!! Keep up the great work!!


So realistic! Love the photos! Number 8 especially.


Madeira is a fun airport indeed

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It is! It’s fun to land there