Sunrise flight from KSAN to KSMF

737-700 with sunrise
737-700 underbelly with moon

Rotation with sunrise


Welcome to the community! My favorite picture

is this one by far.


very beatiful screenshots

Great shots mate!

Love the 3rd one!

Thank you! 😁

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First off, Welcome to the Community (6months later ahaha) :D

Absolutely stunning pics. Thanks for the share!

Thank you! I’m looking forward to my time here 😄

I’m glad you like them!

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Huh, must be a bug. I only just joined 😁


Nice shots!!! And welcome to the community (jk)

Thank you!

Thanks again! Maybe I’ll post more screenshots

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KSAN is cool, nice shots

Nah, i dont think it is. Thanks!

You’re right. I forgot it’s actually warm in all seasons 🤪

Correct! But its also not a nice airport 🤪

It’s not nice, it’s awesome

Is it? 😏

That’s up to you

737s go nyoooooooooooooom while eating mooncake

I have your point. It’s a headache when the 16s are in use and you have to take-off.