Sunrise Flight Across the West

This morning, I flew an enjoyable flight across the western US. This flight was part of the SJC Flyout event. There were quite a few people there, and it was a great time!

Flight Information

Server: Expert
Route: KSJC - KJAC
Aircraft: Alaska Airlines 737-800

And Here are the Screenshots!

A Few Planes Parked at SJC’s Terminal B

Taxiing to the runway for takeoff

Joining the line waiting for departure

Moving Closer to the End of the Runway as a Southwest starts its takeoff roll

Waiting for takeoff as another Southwest lines up on the runway

Blasting out of San Jose as an Alaska 737 enters the runway and a British Airways 787 holds short

In my last #screenshots-and-videos post, I did not add any editing. I created a poll asking whether people would prefer edited or unedited screenshots, and I got a basically 50-50 response. This time, I added some mild editing, so I would like to ask the question again, now that the pictures are edited.

Do you prefer edited photos?

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