Sunrise at the Himalayas!

Thought I’d grab some nice shots of the F-22 over Mount Everest
This was done on Casual, departed from VNLK and flew around Mt. Everest!

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Btw, the second one looks great as a wallpaper!

These are so awesome!!!

These are definitely a new wallpaper for me.

Incredible job, mate 👍

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You should submit the first pic to this thread

I’m sure you would win or come close

Edit: Never mind; I see you already did. I’m sure you’ll win or come very close 😁


Thanks so much mate, the picture was so great it didn’t even need an edit :P

“Navy 1, beware of a Flying Biscot @ 3 O’Clock” 🤔

Nice photos though, I always love an orange sun shot!

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Bahaha, me too, my favourite type of shots, in search of new locations :)

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Nice I loved that.

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Thanks mate!