Sunrise at FL 360

My sunrise at 36000 feet over Canadian airspace ;)

I’ve better pics in my camera, I’ll upload them later


Sunrise and sunset are always the absolute best times to fly. You can get beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows and then see the little yellow networks of cities from above, then watch as the yellow globs become more and more distinct into cities and eventually, streetlamps! One of the reasons why I love LGA.

I tend to get more sunset flights but once I got a sunrise flight on a Delta 738. So gorgeous 😍.

When planning a flight, always try and get one in the golden hours of the day (Don’t let it run over your budget though).


beatifull picture

great picture, thanks for posting!

which aircraft? The winglet Looks like B777

Real life aviation photos/airliners go in spotting.


Some pictures from my previous flights :)

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