Sunrise Arrival in Okinawa (Misha Spotting)

Hello all! These are some pictures I took on my flight during Thursday’s Japan ATC event. Flying in an EVA Air A321, I flew from Taipei Taoyuan to Naha in Japan. Hope you enjoy! (Also spotted @MishaCamp in Naha)

Server: Expert
Time: 1 hr 20 min
Route: Taipei Taoyuan (RCTP) - Naha (ROAH)

Parked next to an ANA 777 headed off to Tokyo in the early morning hours at Taipei.

On short final at Naha Airport with two Japanese giants spectating. (ANA is @MishaCamp)

Touchdown in Naha, still can’t get the center line. (At least it was a butter)

Taxiing to my gate as Misha begins takeoff roll.

Personally my favorite photo from the flight, as Misha takes off into the Okinawa sunrise.

Let me know what y’all think, feedback is welcomed :)


Wow! Great pictures, i’m super impressed! You should teach me how to take pic’s like that. Also I hope misha sees this ;)

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A wild @MishaCamp has appeared! 😛

Just kidding Misha. And great photos, @jake.sevigny! For some reason I always forget that the A321 has the EVA livery.


Thank you, I hope Misha sees it too! These were all taken with the Free Cam in replay mode, takes some time to learn to operate, but quite simple!

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Those do be some cool shots


shes replying @jake.sevigny


Wow look nice ! @MishaCamp sick roll Out !🤪


Ya it’s definitely an underused livery for the A321, looks amazing in the right light too!


Thank you! I was really surprised to see you in Naha, hope you enjoyed my landing!

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