Sunrise approach into Martinique

Before anyone says anything…yes, I know that Delta doesn’t fly to Martinique in real life 🙂

This is from an offline solo flight, a red-eye from Salt Lake City to Martinique landing just before 7am ET this morning


Okay, so but you ask about your picture behind say no display name bar from the plane.

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Please, to continue read.


Wow. Such a nice photo!

As @amaryahjohnson1996 in the rules of #screenshots-and-videos you are not allowed to have Player names within the photos.

To remove this, go to Setting>Live>Player Display names and click it to off, this will then remove the names.

Here is the link to the rules of the category.

Keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing another photo from you soon!


Oh hmm, I understand already, I read last in December 2020 is here at IFC. I know all material is always. Make my problem no sense?


No, no, you made perfect sense, I elaborated a bit more on it, sorry if it looked like it was directed towards you.

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Ohh and, I understand now. I’m in right except for the thing post in the rules notice. Thank you for the info 👍🏽❗️

Thanks for the heads up. This is my first screenshot, I was trying to figure out how to get rid of that but didn’t know how


Just hop into settings and click the boxes that say “hide player names” and “hide aircraft boxes”

Alternatively, you can go into replay mode and click the screenshot button at the bottom, it will automatically remove any names/boxes


The in-game screenshot always comes out very dark (almost pitch black) and I haven’t yet figured out how to fix that. That’s why I used a device screenshot instead

i thought that was x-plane at first

Have you tried changing the time when taking the screenshot? For example you hit the little burger icon bottom right, and go to the time button on the left side of the pause menu. Play with that and see how if that works

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