Sunny weather? Shocking

What is the sun?

If you know, you know.

As soon as I heard that the weather was going to be sunny this weekend, I called my friend up to head to the airport with me even though I have unfinished chemistry homework.

Starting off small with this Beechcraft or something, I don’t know the registeration because I didn’t photograph the side of it :|

Lynx Air Boeing 737 Max 8 - fun fact alert: their callsign is “dauntless” which is pretty cool ngl

You do not see the heat haze. I promise | Air Canada B777-300ER headed off to anime land

United Boeing 737-800 headed back to Murica after a successful freedomization campaign

The only reason I caught this guy was because of a delay. It seems that the Air India flight is always delayed 💀

A rare sight these days: one of only two 737-800s Flair has left…

Old livery >>>>

I like this photo for some reason

Lastly here’s a not grounded United 737 Max (it’s a -8) with some mountains in the backdrop

Thanks for viewing!

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that and hawaiian a330 flights. NEVER ON TIME.

great shots btw


Let me add one more: any Lion Air flight (My Indonesian friends will know)

Thank you!

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Amazing shots! Love those mountains in the background of the Air Canada 777.

This one looks like Pacific Coastal Airlines from the front. They have a couple of 1900Cs (which is what that one looks like).

Just my guess though.

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Thanks bro. Ruined by the heat haze though 😶

I think you’re right. I’m no good with smaller planes at all

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That citation is really nice

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It’s probably the sharpest out-of-the-box (more like out of the raw) shot I have because my lenses have an issue with edge softness on higher stops

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I was in YVR 2 weeks ago and now I’m wondering why I didn’t come two weeks later.

(there was no snow, overcast clouds, and I didn’t even get to do snowboarding smh my head)

Nice shots 🔥


Thanks! Yeah it was cloudy the last two weeks hence why I stayed home.

Aerovincenzo is here, btw, at YVR


Next time if you come here just hit me up, I can take you around :)

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Ah yes, the Cessna Citation, we will forever miss…

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rly nice photos, chem homework can wait

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yo so true same alaska

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HAHAHA I had to do them right away when I got home

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I heard, I went out and spotted with a few friends from Insta, Alvin was gonna come too but unfortunately had something come up.

Had a great time nonetheless, excited to share my shots once I finishing editing them!

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Beautiful pictures

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Thank you!

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