Sunny Vegas Spotting @ KLAS

Again, it’s spotting time! Unfortunately tomorrow Vegas will close its main spotting location on Sunset but luckily for me, I still have 5 other spots :)

So I live this new FedEx Cargo spot so I started there and a Southwest 737-700 taxied to the runway with service to Baltimore

After that was the one of the reasons I came, the Arizona One 737-700 Southwest from Boise. My camera didn’t wanna focus so is kind of blurry

An Alaska 737-900ER passed by after the Arizona One heading to Seattle

A FedEx Caravan 208 came by surprise and waved at us. It took off 26L which is odd because that’s the arrivals runway and then had a wierd flight plan to St George

There were no departures for the next 30 minutes, so I went back to the other spot and I saw Nevada One arriving in 30 minutes so I was going to wait there.

I got this Spirit Airbus (I don’t know which varient) takeoff and got a killer shot taking off to San Diego

One of Spirit’s cool liveries arrived in the A320 from Seattle

Then Spirits Bananabus A320 arrived from Oakland.

The moment came to see Nevada One. It’s wierd how it’s named after our state but it almost never flies here. It arrived from Salt Lake City

And last, I got a Birb eating some popcorn arriving from Tree International Airport.

hehe @robertine


Love the pictures.

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Those pictures are amazing!!!

The BIRB!!!

I think I may have started something here

That birb made my day :)))

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Looks like an A319

That’s actually an A319 :)

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I love birbs!


Very cool! I used to work at LAS over at the Southwest Gates! Thanks for sharing.

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Nice photos as always!

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Amazing pictures as always 👌

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