Sunny Taipei Evening!

Hello community! I went to spot planes last weekend! Actually I was quite worried for the low cloud at evening…

Windy cloud layer chart


But fortunately, there wasn’t many cloud on the sun’s side!

The dreamliner is always elegant!

This 737-400SF didn’t turn on the ADS-B, nearly missed.

Golden fuselage!

Golden Starlux

Surprisingly this flight wasn’t affected by the flood in Dubai, a salute to all Emirates crew

Look at that engine light!

Always my favourite plane - Boeing 777

I don’t have much word to describe this one… this looks amazing!

Thanks for watching!


That starlux is awesome. Never seen one yet in the UK, such a pretty livery


Indeed it is such a pretty livery!

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Nice shots, what camera is this with?

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Great shots! Love the little greenery with the 737-400. Nice job!

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i love thissss

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Canon EOS R8 with RF100-400 Lens

Thank you!