Sunny Sunday Spotting @KRSW pt1

For spring break, my family and I took a trip to Fort Myers, Florida (or another name could be Fort Meijer’s). Fortunately, with a ton of convincing, we made it down to RSW! This spotting location was perfect for spotting, super close to the runway, and I didn’t get questioned by the police. Most of the landings were absolute greasers, and super cool to see in the pics. Also, one of my good friends, @Prerb, was spotted today! Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the planes!

A little different style than what a usually do, but here’s a Frontier A321 heading up to Milwaukee, Swissconsin.

Next up, a banana bus (Sprirt) A320 floating the touchdown zone, from Latrobe, PA (near Pittsburgh).

Then, a beautiful Golphstream, coming in from South Turn, Indiana.

A UA baby bus, rolling down rwy 6, for a flight over to Hooston, Texas.

One of three JetAzul E190’s today, this one in from Providence, RI.

A gorgeous, Delta A321, with our VIP, @Prerb, onboard, rolling for Hotlanta, Georgia.

Time to make @KTJ_Mitchell happy with this UA MAX-9 heading up to Denber, Colorado.

Fun fact, this was my first time spotting an Alaska Airlines plane, this was supposed to be the “more to love” livery, but it got switched this morning, but here we have a regular Alaska 737-900ER greasing the runway, from Seattle, Washington.

Finally, for my friends at NKVA, we have a crayon bus (Spirit…again) A320 heading out for Windsor Locks, Connecticut.

Catering Truck

As I was trying to spot the picture seen above, a catering truck kinda photobombed my pic😂

El equipo

Nikon D40
50-200mm zoom lense

Part 2 to come later tonight!

Use with permission and credit plz.

Thanks all!


Yep, its a MAX, im happy!


I’ve got another one too🤫

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Great pics!!

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Thanks @Steven_Tellmann 😁

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awesome shots dude! love that DL A321😉!

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Hmmmm…intresting…can’t put my finger on why🤔

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What a lovely photo! Thanks for sending this beauty up to cheeseland. I actually saw this one coming in! Pretty awesome if you ask me!

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So when were these taken…

Cause I might have been on a flight during that time


MAX!!! That’s a great shot.


Oh yes, Alaska. :) Really Nice Photos!


@JarrettFlies, Michigan’s other arch nemesis 😏.
@AviationReports, these were taken Sunday, April 4.
@Zhopkins, my best (or second best) shot of the day
@bbrockairbus, that’s the first time I’ve seen an Alaska😂.
(Also thanks everyone)


Cool pictures!! Did you see the new tower/TRACON facility that they’re building there?

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I did! Didn’t get a picture tho😕

I’ll be waiting for part 2 then. You might have been spotting a little bit before I departed. Very cool though.


What was your flight, because I had a SWA come in from MKE.

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It was a 6:30 dep to ATL

(I had to connect)

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Ah, I left the airport around 5

Aah. I was wondering cause I saw all the same aircraft, obviously you just missed mine.


Denver instead of Denber?