Sunny Sunday Closeups | Zürich [LSZH] | 1st March, 2020

Hello IFC!

After a devastating defeat in the spotting competition, I thought that I’d whip up a spotting thread with a few pictures that I would’ve used in the spotting competition. Last Sunday, @Chris_Wing and I went back to the spotter-friendly Zürich airport. Here are my best pictures from throughout the day. Enjoy!

Head on with the beautiful four engine beast. Our tour bus drove right in front of this Edelweiss A340-300 whilst it was pushing back from dock B. If you’re ever in Zürich, the chances of you seeing an A340 is extremely high with SWISS and Edelweiss having a combined total of eight in their fleets.

This was my first time seeing Lufthansa’s new livery in Zürich. We hardly ever get the new livery. When it was first unveiled it didn’t like it but now it’s grown on me. I love it!

Here’s a rare sight to see. SWISS only have two A319s in their fleet. They used to operate eight, but they’re being replaced by the CS100/A220-100.

What an aircraft! Unfortunately these birds are slowly being phased out around the world. I’m happy that Zürich still gets a daily service from Iceland. It’s going to be sad to see the B757 go.

A very early and steep takeoff from “Charlie Oscar” (HB-JCO), one of SWISS’ many CS300s/A220-300s.

This picture blew me away. It literally blew me away. The wake turbulence from the massive GE90s are extremely powerful. In the background, a part of the Swiss alps is also visible. This picture goes to show how good the spotting locations are at Zürich.

To finish off this thread, here’s a SWISS B777-300ER landing on runway 28 after a long flight from Los Angles. There’s even an Emirates A380-800 with a special livery photobombing the triple seven.

Thank you very much for viewing my pictures! As always feedback is greatly appreciated.


Whoa!!! Those are amazing, especially the Icelandair shot!


What camera did you use?

I use a Canon EOS200D with an 18-55mm and 75-300mm lens.


You know what I’m gonna say about the A220 😂


Holy Guacamole,
Those are some good pics😦


“Spotter friendly” is something we can’t say about Geneva.

These are amazing shots

Thanks! I’ve looked at heading down to Geneva for the day. In that case I’ll reconsider going there if it’s not very spotter friendly.

I mean, you have decent traffic and a beautiful backdrop.

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well, don’t know how you lost these are amazing… I feel like I’ve seen that last shot. Love the first one!

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What did you say, I was too busy looking at these mountains 😍

@Chris_Wing if you want pass by, favorise runway 22 days, winter light isn’t interesting when 04 is active and our spots are better on this side.

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