Sunny Southwest Florida Flyout Florida-Part 1 29JUL24

This is the first Flyout of 6. Be prepared for more Flyouts form Florida.

  • Listen to ATC at all times
  • Respect all other pilots
  • If ATC not present use UNICOM correctly
  • Have Fun

Event Details
  • Server: Expert
  • Airport: Southwest Florida International/ KRSW
  • 2024-07-29T17:00:00Z2024-07-29T18:00:00Z
  • Please Spawn in 15 Minutes Before

Please make sure if you want to change a destination, please make sure that the new destination is realistic. If it’s not I will decline the change.

Concourse B
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Pilot
B1 Discover(A339) Frankfurt(FRA) @United403
B2 Southwest(B738) Chicago(MDW) @KSATplane_spotter
B3 Alaska(B739) Seattle(SEA) @Prestoni
B4 Southwest(B738) St Louis(STL) @Retreg
B5 Discover(A339) Frankfurt(FRA) @MarcosHazard
B6 Southwest(B737) Nashville(BNA) @Oklahoma1
B7 Frontier(A320) Cincinnati(CVG) @deltaoutofdca
B8 Southwest(B738) Baltimore(BWI)
B9 Avelo(B738) New Haven(HVN)
Concourse C
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Pilot
C1 WestJet(B738) Toronto(YYZ)
C2 Delta(A321) Minneapolis(MSP)
C3 United(B738) Washington(IAD) @CreeperMINEfly
C4 Delta(B752) Atlanta(ATL) @A320ifly
C5 United(B739) Denver(DEN)
C6 Delta(B738) Boston(BOS)
C7 United(B738) Newark(EWR)
C8 Delta(A321) Detroit(DTW)
C9 Delta(B738) New York(JFK) @a5b6d28383
Concourse D
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Pilot
D1 American(B738) Philadelphia(PHL)
D2 Spirit(A320) San Juan(SJU) @Justin_Betances
D3 American(A321) Charlotte(CLT) @AmericanB772
D4 Spirit(A321) Atlantic City(ACY)
D5 American(B738) Dallas(DFW)
D6 JetBlue(A320) New York(JFK) @arlin1
D7 Breeze(A220) Las Vegas(LAS)
D8 JetBlue(A320) White Plains(HPN) @Anthony_Gulluscio
D9 Breeze(A220) Hartford(BDL)
D10 Sun Country(B738) Minneapolis(MSP)

Frequency Controller
ATIS @MatthewV
Ground @MatthewV
Tower @MatthewV
Other Events by @Oklahoma1

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Yes absolutely

He he

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Both down @United403 @Prestoni

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Can I have another gate to Frankfurt?

Yes, you are down at B5

D2 please and thank you

Thank you!

Yes sir, you are down

I’ll take this, but Cincinnati Northern Kentucky’s airport code is CVG, not CIN.

Oh yes, I knew that, thanks for letting me know, you are down.

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@AmericanB772 @A320ifly You guys marked interested, would you two like a gate?

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Could you reserve Gate C4 for me? I might not make it, so be prepared that I won’t come. Thanks!

Will do👍🏽✈️

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Can you put me down for this? I’m leaving for my place in Florida next week, and I won’t return until the end of summer, meaning I’ll be quite busy during the time of the event… for now, you can put me down for this

Though I’m not 100% sure I can attend it, but I’ll let you know

Will do, just let me know the day off if you can attend or not.

Can I hold on to D3 for now, I may or may not be able to come, we’ll see.

Sounds good

@KSATplane_spotter you marked going what gate would you like?

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Southwest to midway