Sunny Scenic Utah to Stormy Rainy Seattle

Salt Lake City to Seattle

On Sunday Feburary 23, I flew regularly scheduled flight (Delta1725) from Salt Lake City, UT, with non-stop service to Seattle, WA. Seattle and Salt Lake City are two of Delta’s Hubs and were featured on Sunday as part of IFATC. The 2 hour and 35 minutes flight took us over the Southern most part of Idaho, and over Oregon. We left Salt Lake City around 2:33pm PDT, and arrived shortly after 4:30. Further more we ran into some very bad weather approaching Seattle which made the trip even more fun!

Flight Info

Salt Lake City (SLC - Seattle (SEA)
Departing Gate: D7
Arriving Gate: B0
Delta 1735 / DLVA292 @DeltaVirtual
Boeing 737-900ER (739)
2hrs 35mins

Delta Flight 1725 Boarding at Gate D7 in SLC enroute to SEA with fellow Delta Airline 737’s in the Background

Delta 1725 Taxing out to 34R with an American 777 in the background headed to Dallas on this rare last minute switch up

As seen Delta 68 On-Time Arrival into Salt Lake City from Portland

Delta 1725 starts its Takeoff roll on 34R and in the background a Southwest 737 waiting too cross that just landed from Midway

Delta 1725 climbing to 15,000ft via the CGULL1 Departure out of SLC

Cruising @FL370 over the Oregon Forest

As we are in our descent into Seattle, we run into some very bad evening storms!

On Final Approach for Runway 16C at Seattle with very bad weather. The Winds were very bad on approach…

Delta 1725 Touches Down nice and safely on Runway 16C despite the horrible weather and winds

Delta 1725 De-Boarding at Gate B9 after a 2hr and 35min ride from Salt Lake City. Next to us is a fellow Delta 737 getting ready to push to begin it’s journey to Detroit…

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures as much as I did. As always please leave feedback and your opinions. Thanks :)


Awesome pics just make sure to look at this for editing on photos as the rules have changed for the #screenshots-and-videos category. ☺️

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I will fix those ASAP :)


I won’t lie, those are some incredible and stunning edits, some of the best rain edits I’ve seen — they’re so real! Your other photos are great as well!

But the rules are the rules, but I don’t blame you if you didn’t get the memo. The rules were just updated earlier today.


Thanks man appreciate it. Yeah I just saw the rules as soon as I posted this lol

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We all make mistakes sometimes, it’s fine for now (at least by me).

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Really nice pics! Kinda sad we can’t edit weather anymore, but rules are rules 🤷🏻‍♂️


Yeah rules are rules but its ok. Thanks tho appreciate it :)


Hahah thank you

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The original non-edited ones still look amazing! Looks like you’re good at screenshots regardless of edits or not.


Thanks man I try my best. It is not easy I can tell you that


Awesome pictures.The editing is pretty good.

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Wonderful approach at Salt lake city, I like the 3rd picture

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Tha k you very much

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Thanks appreciate it

Nise shots, but they’re all quite over edited in my opinion.

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Just trying for some realism :)